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Wife spank spanked

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Consensual spanking: husband spanked by wife

She bought dior perfume to go with it and knew sir would love it. And gave an annoyed snort. Women have developed stockholm syndrome as a result of mistreatment but that can be over come. So long as a woman can answer that question in the affirmative, how her husband spanks her is largely irrelevant. At the same time, spanking promotes stability through love and respect. My wife just took me by the ear and marched to next convenient place to do the deed at and took my pants panties or ever i was wearing and bared by bottom for a sound old fashioned bare bottom spanking. Back then, because paddling was also frequently part of the initiation ritual, appropriate disciplining was to be expected.


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Wife spank spanked. He has bought an enema bag and i turned bright red as i watched him fill it. ) about the way she spanked me – and also about how she knew how my late wife spanked me – even before we actually married. Yes, you can find an instrument she detests and if she consents use that for discipline. Anon; interesting to read, whether true or imaginary. After we settled into the routine of married life in our own house, my wife started taking off all of her clothes before being spanked.

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Cindy’s spankings (all different spankings but the same title used)

Despite claims that this is a conscious choice, more than likely it has a visceral component linked to survival of the species. Like many people your age, you grew up in an abnormal era when compared to previous generations. It involves giving a woman what she needs, when she needs it, whether she wants it or not.

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