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Self lubricating asshole

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Anal ejaculate? | go ask alice!

Granted the vagina does create it’s own lubrication usually (depending on hormones etc. Your rectum isn’t as pliable as your vagina, and also unlike the vagina, it’s not self-lubricating. People whose job it is to notice things overlook terrible stuff all the time. If you have to cut a lady off in traffic because you’re running late for an important job interview, that’s probably not the biggest deal. Is a great choice.


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Self lubricating asshole. We’re not even pack hunters anymore. But not enough to lube an entire shaft. They will need more help on the penetrating partner’s part to get them where they need to go. Couples these days are pulling no punches when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom.


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Liberals have no problem with it. Because a vagina was designed for sex and a ass, both male and female wasn’t. Men that fuck men get into some serious deep throating to get the root nice and slick.

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