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See me shave my cunt

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I love shaving my pussy pubes! it feels so good when i soak my furry snatch in warm water and massage in the rich, soft shaving cream. I shave every other day. Doctor said i was lucky because my naturally light skin color helps too. By the way i am 58 years old. Waxing scares me but it’s gotta be better than shaving. He too loves the feeling to his mouth and penis and uses them even more. Well, the only reason why i’d ever shave mine was to not make it so hard for my boyfriend to eat me out.


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See me shave my cunt. Archiving, reproduction, re-distribution or transmission of this site by any means without the prior permission of iafd. But lately bumps have been coming up and it takes about four or five days to go away. So, i am off to buy an electric wet/dry razor! And at first it came out mad smooth and everything. Well i had just my my pussy hair very short and my husband went nuts. Do you have any advice on that? after the first day i always break out pretty bad for 2 days.

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It’s kinda like that when i shave my pussy, except that shaving actually turns me on! caressing my snatch with warm lotion and watching in the mirror as my pubes softly disappear almost makes me cum! why don’t you watch me shave and see just how horny i can get!”. How much you give.

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