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Pop music suck

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Be careful what you wish for (why music is really starting to suck) | hare communications

I like rock, classical music, folk, and probably everything except hip hop and pop. 1 fm in the hudson valley with gobs of online offerings. They will compose until day turns to night. Listen to ed sheeran or adele or sam smith or marianas trench or michael jackson. Which leads me to my next point.


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Why does  so much these days? | ign boardsWhy does  so much? - quoraThe science behind why s | saving country music

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Pop music suck. Luke, along with 2 others, write like 90% of pop music. At least not until “modern alt rock” starts including guitars again. Otherwise, it’s back to jeff beck (who at 70 years old is still putting out fresh, quality music), eric clapton, the stones, pink floyd, kinks, etc. Or just see my photo under the about tab in the menu; that was taken 2014 and was not touched up. It al depends on how you use it. Ummm, why mainstream music is always compared with metal/rock? there are lots of music genres (jazz, reggae, classical, etc) maybe people who hate mainstream music only listen to rock/metal? why you don’t compare mainstream music with jazz, reggae, classical, etc.

Why todays s

Who killed music?

Why he’s commenting here? no clue! This really annoys me, every singer has talent. I’m older than dirt.

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