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Nyc prep bravo pc bisexual


Nyc prep star sebastian oppenheim: where is he now? | the daily dish

I know this because i live in los angeles, which is sort of like florida without the hundred-degree temperatures and the alligators. He doesn’t seem to be especially good-looking or cool, so i wonder why he attracts so many bitches. And at least he is a talented actor and not just a walking sack of over-excited hormones covered in too much hair. Taylor doesn’t go anywhere during christmas break.


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July 07, 2009

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Nyc prep bravo pc bisexual. Is about a bunch of really gross people. I was a little schooled. They’re just a bunch of arrivistes, strivers, and jews. Pc also says some politically incorrect stuff about mexicans, which is great, because i love it when the kids go politically incorrect. This is why there’s bravo. From a purely economic/wealth perspective, for all practical purposes this will “do” as upper class in today’s society, i suppose. Kelli meanwhile lingered in a graveyard.


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There’s no glue holding them together that is not the show itself. Rusty old rags mctattershanty had to make a frigid, pine needle-strewn sophie’s choice last night.

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