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If you rely just on kegels, you might develop a plumbing problem. A los angeles sexologist and author of. This is because men have a recovery period of 30 minutes or more which stops them from performing again too soon after they finish. Having a multiple orgasm works by getting to the point of orgasm, and then flexing your pc muscle hard enough to block the ejaculate from actually escaping. Flaccid, despite their most frantic efforts to the contrary. That time frame can be anywhere from minutes to hours or even a day. That’s just not what most people mean when they talk about men being multi-orgasmic.

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Step one: ejaculatory control

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Multiple male cum. First, as mentioned in the previous point, some men may take less time between ejaculations than others. Its about understanding what your body is already doing as you have sex. And increase the ability to control orgasmic and ejaculatory responses in the heat of the moment. To have non-ejaculatory orgasms, you need to train your body to separate the experience or orgasm and ejaculation. __fair enough! let’s start with the basics.


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The prostate and male multiple orgasm

From a quick cheer to a standing ovation, clap to show how much you enjoyed this story. It is the ejaculation process that requires time between them.

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