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Movie about swinging


Swinging safari movie review: a cringefest of epic proportions

Guy pearce and kylie minogue lead this comedy set in mid-’70s australia about a beached whale, the kids who can’t get enough of it, and their sexually promiscuous parents. What other roles has he played? We howled with laughter as we were taken back to our own childhoods in the aussie beach suburbs. Is putting out there is more than a little embarrassing.


Swinging safari: australias first 2018 movie misfire | film inquiryIs swinging safari the worst australian movie ever? not quite


Movie review: swinging safari | newcastle live

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Movie about swinging. Alex is a 24 year-old west australian who has a slight obsession with film. I expect much more from aussie movies. Elliott weaves a network of characters whose raucous and/or idiosyncratic behaviour is comedic scaffolding, covering up desperately sad lives. This star-studded film with kylie minogue, guy pearce and julian mcmahon is not going to help. On the whole movie lacked cohesion of a entertaining story.

Certified fresh pick

Only two weeks into 2018, swinging safari is australia’s worst film of the year thus far with its muddled need to elevate the material. The story unfolds from his perspective but screen time is spread more or less evenly between three families.

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