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Mom showed me her cunt lips


I sat between mom’s legs and noticed her pussy was wetter than a few minutes ago. I was surprised that mom even mentioned their sex life, but i guess being neglected for so long had taken its toll. Baby, i can see your cock on this side of me. My mom’s pussy was my first vagina i had ever seen in person. I have never cum so hard before.


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Mom showed me her cunt lips. I was going to touch her cunt lips before this was all said and done. With a slurred voice, mom said, “oh darn terry i dropped my fork with mash potatoes on it. I now had my head between mom’s legs when i felt her grab the back of my head pulling me into contact with her cunt lips. It seemed to mother and i that he was away from home more and more.

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Terry where is the world did you get this huge cock,” replied mom as she placed her hand on the head of my dick. I pull away and allow my cock to drop between her legs and protrude out the other side. Baby thank you for understanding, and this will have to be our little secret.

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