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A daughter takes over. Thanks so much for coming here to ask! It’s time for the goddamn spanking scene. He walks in of friend’s mother au natural. Mj, let me get some expert feedback for you and i promise to come back and answer.


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Male punsh piss spank. And not safe, sane and consensual bdsm played according to robert’s rules of bdsm order, either. Twink boy riding daddys cock. What you have to do to get the husband a promotion. She got caught out in a thunderstorm. She knows what she is doing. Finally, as though to apologize for putting us through all this, there is a very long, very noisy sex scene, in which claire puts a knife to jamie’s throat and tells him if he ever raises a hand to her again, she’ll fucking kill him.


A penalty is applied. But only for a little while.

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