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Lake titi caca 2d/1n | american inca trail

Macaw clay licks are most abundant in this area of amazonia because of a few factors. End the journey in puerto maldonado. Located in the amarakaeri reserved zone of the manu rainforest, the area is known for its incredible diversity of wildlife. Also reports that 10% of all guests are lucky enough to spot wild jaguar sunning themselves by the river.

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Lick thos etits. Shortly thereafter, the first eco-lodge was built in the area and tourists slowly began to make their way to tambopata. Hopefully, we may observe the giant otters fishing, eating or playing from a short distance. The site of the macaws visiting the clay licks here inspired a national geographic cover story. Literally thousands of species of insects. We will help distribute the items to people who really need them in small village schools and communities in the mountains of lares. B end of all services.


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Tambopata research center

In addition to these large and beautifully colored birds, the licks are also frequented by other parrots and parakeets. The main attractions are the oxbow lake with its resident family of giant river otters, the clay lick to see tapir, and also one of the largest and most photogenic macaw clay licks in peru.

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