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Largest documented clitoris


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You are commenting using your wordpress. Single categorical variables were tabulated and expressed as percentages. The largest penis of a mammal belongs to the african elephant – it is up to two meters long. Despite what is sometimes. Data on normative clitoral sizes in newborns is relatively sparse and racial/ethnic differences have also been reported. Your browser does not support our video player. Majority of leiomyomas arise in the reproductive period and resolve after menopause.

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Largest documented clitoris. Babies with a completely covered clitoris are unlikely to warrant detailed clitoral measurements for clitoromegaly. The results, however, are immediate. A large, protruding clitoris is medically referred to as clitromegaly. Please refer to his blog for hd videos and pictures from different paid porn sites updated one off course. On abdomen ultrasound evaluation, bilateral kidneys were normal. As such, our genital areas are not excluded, and do differ from person to person.

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Microscopic examination showed spindle-shaped tumor cells arranged in fascicles with few areas of myxoid degeneration; moreover, hyalinization was seen without any atypia or mitotic figures (. The authors thank the patient for allowing them to publish the case report and use the images taken during her stay in hospital. The book also contains the description of the breasts of a 30-year-old woman – hers weighed 11.

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