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Height legal midget


Snookis true height revealed: just how short is she? | cafemom

Ok! thank you! that’s what i thought, but i wasn’t sure and i was having trouble discerning that from other stuff i had read online. The two terms, dwarf and midget, are often interchangeably used to describe any short person. You are commenting using your twitter account. A dwarf person has a medical condition called dwarfism. Didn’t your mamma ever tell you when you were a kid to ignore the bullies in school? why try to run from it or make a huge deal out of it – i embrace it.

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Height legal midget. When people ask me about being so short i just laugh and tell them god had to make me small to control the size of my extremely large personality. Little people of new zealand was founded back in 1969 and has progressed into a great network of great people and friends supporting and encouraging each other to achieve all things possible. Or social problems associated with their condition. There is no need to resubmit your comment. For example, i gave a compare and contrast assignment to my 7th grade class. The main difference between a midget and a dwarf is that a midget has normal bodily proportions.


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Sometimes extreme shortness (height of less than 3 feet) may interfere with their day to day chores. Most people with more severe forms of it get hgh injections to help spur growth and can reach normal height. It often makes it easier to escape when you need to.

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