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Girl looking to loose virginity

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I lost my virginity when i was 35: what its really like to be a female virgin in your thirties | the independent

If you really think the only thing stopping you from going out and having a fulfilling dating life is this one little fib, you have my blessing to tell it. The thread got a bit derailed by a lady focussing on some misunderstood statements, which implied (according to her interpretation) that i’m only interested in physically attractive women. For me, it’s more a case of occasionally just getting bored. However, i feel like there’s a double standard among sex-positive people in these conversations. My conclusion of this forum: most people on here want to make themselves feel great by giving advice to less fortunate, so that they can see themselves in a superior position. You might have good intentions, but you fail in the execution of it. You will still have friendships to maintain.


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Girl looking to loose virginity. Not that this deters from your key points at all but it’s worth mentioning that when this is the case, you cannot wing it alone. To the best of my knowledge, there is no dignified way to plant your face in somebody else’s crotch. Although i lost my virginity a few years before, i had nearly 0% sexual experience. I hold your concern to be credible and i will do my best to give it a thought. Okc worked for me, but i had to weed out the jerks. All of your post, really, but especially this paragraph.


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There are lots of things that cause anxiety to virgin men. I’m a humble guy who has never really been one to own it, whatever it may be at the time, so i’d rather take refuge in humour whether possible. Are you a right wing neoliberal?

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