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Fuck god fuck jesus


Would you fuck jesus? | boardgamegeek | boardgamegeek

Peters previously worked in the fields of architecture and urban planning, yet currently spends his days teaching at an undisclosed university in an undisclosed city. And you cultists are a real fright. Now that is easily answered if you would study your world history. Sorry, kathy, old dear. They are like negative charges, they will come in your life, they will fool you. No wonder you still cant feed yourselves or generate electricity. You are a deluded ,callous masochistic asshole, just like your murdering genocidal jealous vindictive child molesting abrahamic god.


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Fuck god fuck jesus. No wonder he was nailed to two pieces of wood. The driver exits the car and we see another cross of lorraine emblazoned in white light. Especially when that scumbag that calls himself god created so many filthy whores and lesbians today. Your just mad because you cant eat out young boys like good old catholic priests do. Wicked ways of what? school courses are everywhere. While touring as an opening act for nine inch nails.


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Hang in there, nothing can break you, your beliefs are your own. Marilyn manson was the final act to perform closing out the show. Glory to god he will do that! thank you god! you will show how ignorant.

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