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Forced to orgasm until shes unconscious



He throws her to the couch and she throws her head back in delight as he eats her perfect little power cunt. While hugging, our brain produces oxytocin, a hormone that creates feelings of security, bonding, and love. Stylishly dressed in a vivienne westwood plaid dress, stoya sits behind a small table and begins reading a book. Less than six minutes later she is unable to continue reading because she is having an orgasm. Although still surrounded in mists, she was aware of the hand leaving her cunt and another feeling of something pressing at the lips. Men experience an average of four to six genital contractions per orgasm.


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Forced to orgasm until shes unconscious. Becky found herself trying to hear what they were saying and she heard snippets. Her stretched legs must now be in a straight line, she felt; her breasts were great swollen hard spheres, she felt; her throat and mouth were full of a huge animal tongue, she felt; the penis was pushing into her hard enough to split her open in her stretched state. How to get so much excitement that it knocks me out?” she asked herself silently every few hours. One of the men came to her ears and whispered gently, She begs him to stop as he pounds away at her pussy, her moans shattered by interwoven rejections. The first woman lowered her voice again, “they shagged me unconscious. Even as it did she felt things happening to her body — terrible things – exciting things: through the ecstasy and the pleasure, she could see all this in her mind’s eye even though her eyes were still covered:

How an alpha male makes a woman come

Though there are at least three ways to trigger a female orgasm, a recent study from indiana university found that only 64% of women said they orgasm while having sex with a partner. He parts her cheeks with his thumbs and pumps her pussy deep.

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