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Female infidelity orgasm


If a woman fakes an orgasm, she may be more likely to cheat on you - fhm

Like they say, life is short. Women who are unsure of their partner’s fidelity are the most likely to fake orgasms, as well as engage in other behaviors designed to hang on to their man, a new study finds. For the woman that only dates wealthy married men which you’re such a pathetic low life loser to begin with anyway. Any woman (or man, for that matter) who continues to experience the same problem with each relationship could benefit from therapy.


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Why do some but not all relationships survive infidelity?

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Female infidelity orgasm. My first thought was, he must be gay! how else does an adorable guy make it to his thirties without doing it even once? answer: an all-boys education, a complete lack of game and a deathly fear of unplanned pregnancy. I agree with anonymous. Just as the women under sharia law are not living isolated from normal life because there’s something in their biology/evolution that made them accept a miserable life with effectively no contact with males other than relatives, while their husbands are free to do anything they want, women in western societies are still crippled by thousands of years of misogyny. I waited for that time and my wife called me and told me that she has forgiven me and ready to take me back in her life.


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That said, if you’re unhappy with your sex life for any reason, be honest with your girlfriend — it’s likely that she knows or even feels the same way. When women cheat, they sometimes do so for reasons that are different from the reasons that men usually cheat.

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