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Female hyena enlarged clitoris


Hyenas: the largest clitoris and 800 kg of pressure on teeth

And, as the less dominant of the two sexes, the males have to tread lightly when trying to mate. Com and popular science. Has been studying a population of wild spotted hyenas in masai mara for over 30 years. In that way, he can take clues gleaned from the captive group and apply them to the authentic and more complex backdrop of the great savanna.


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Female hyena enlarged clitoris. Dr karl has been getting up close and personal with one of nature’s original gender benders. For an alternate hypothesis to the neonatal hormone exposure, see muller and wrangham, 2002, the quarterly view of biology. Nevertheless, it can be risky working with animals able to crush and consume entire zebra femurs. After that, they follow their mothers in the hunt, as mothers do not bring food to the den, so that the smell of meet wouldn’t attract other predators. Of exiting under the tail does a u-turn in the pelvis and passes through the tubular clitoris. This family is comprised of four species; the spotted hyena, striped hyena, brown hyena and aardwolf.

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Bjorn carey is the science information officer at stanford university. Here’s something you don’t hear every day. Cave hyena, that inhabited europe during the ice age, was twice the size of the modern spotted hyenas.

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