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Facts on the sperm whale


Sperm whale | facts, pictures & more about sperm whale

The males are larger than the females. This unique animal is the largest of the toothed whales, and its day-to-day life will simply captivate you. In this case, the red panda’s false thumb evolved to help it climb trees, and only later became adapted for the bamboo diet, while giant pandas evolved this virtually identical feature. This allows the whale to dive in. 100 barrels are found in legend. So, whose weight is really big? think, think!


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Facts on the sperm whale. Males tend to be somewhat larger and heavier than females. More fossils have been found in spain, eastern europe, and even the united states. In comparison, human brain weighs a meager 3 pounds. Sometimes, a sperm whale that beaches with low tide is able to swim away again at high tide. This foul-smelling substance was surprisingly used in expensive perfume production before being outlawed in many countries. Of the continental shelf, but may also be seen in mid-ocean.

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The skeleton of the sperm whale is being exhibited in a special whale hall in ecomare. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

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