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Expansion of market penetration


Strategies companies employ to increase market share

As you grow, however, it makes sense to analyze your distribution system. Your advertising dollars may become more efficient since your radio, tv and newspaper ads cover your entire market. It falls in quadrant 3 of the matrix. When expanding your market share business, explore all the strategic alternatives available to you. Market expansion potential is potential to which a business can be increased in a market. An example could be a tool manufacturer who designes special sleeves that adapt to the form of the worker’s hand, in order to make the tools easier to handle.

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Expansion of market penetration. This strategy is typically used to achieve one or more of the following objectives. It taps into the newly acquired firm’s existing customer base, and it reduces the number of firms fighting for a slice of the same pie by one. That means by the time any market latecomers arrive, brand loyalty should be in its full effect, and those subsequent arrivals will face the uphill battle of competing against established brands for market share. This may be done because the companies products are not selling anymore or that the company has identified new segments which it had missed before and. It may come a time that you’ll be interested in canceling your policy,

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Using brand messaging to establish distinctions between one company and another is a tried and true market development tactic. Just click the link. However, you cannot build customer or brand loyalty because the consumer does not know you are the producer.

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