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Where can i read non-porn, non-erotica real sex stories? - straight dope message board

It’s really weird! it’s super odd. I’ve seen that, but i don’t think i’ve seen anything of ours, which i’m really surprised about. This is the forum for real stories. I think lots of different things gets lots of different people off. Sex stories with accompanying images.

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Erotic story message boards. We offer a price of 10 e for adults, e 6 for students, and a group price for groups of 7 people of e 8. I’m open about erotica and have had zero hassles in several months of participating there. Still, the plot line. Threads specific to erotica authors there are a good source of info, although with everything on message boards, accuracy levels vary.


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Ok that’s pretty much all i was asking. I hate to say it, but it is hard gaining traction on venues other than amazon.

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