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Difference bi curious and bisexual


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He’s gay, they insist. How do we meet woman like minded? There is no actual definition of where bi-curious behavior begins and ends. This perspective was from one month to the next. Based on my frustrating/unpleasant experiences with a few women who professed to be ‘bicurious’ what it meant in practical between the sheets terms is they expected me to go down on them but were not willing to consider reciprocating. Toward their philosophy pay. Outside of niche communities, those other terms aren’t common knowledge.

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Difference bi curious and bisexual. People may not believe me, but they understand what i’m saying. Bisexual itself suggest that person is absolutely engaged in sexuality with two gender man & woman. Be yourself, and allow your friends to be themselves without question. You are commenting using your google+ account. Different from heteroflexible and homoflexible, bisexuals have an enduring attraction romantically and sexually toward both genders. I’ve also been in a couple of situations where my girlfriend also had a boyfriend, and i just turned into some weird side dish.


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I soon grew to accept men and women as individuals and found both to be sexual attractive to me. Thankfully, my friends were entirely accepting, and affirmed that they loved and supported me no matter what. Or that we are doing it for male attention.

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