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Voyager had better ratings though during its run on upn. Been blue underwear and i don’t need any of that. In addition, the enterprise’s exploration mission gets a startling new direction after. This is what i mean when i say nitpicking. I love him and his 4. With rene auberjonois (odo), michael dorn (lt. Also, that holodeck simulation was showing events that were 10 years after the previous episode.

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Connor trinneer naked. Now that’s the total package! %0d %0d it was all special effects! It explained why there was a prime directive. This thread is all one person posting pics. There is a 10-year opportunity to squeeze new stories before trip dies. Must be the ‘roids. We’re introduced to aliens who we’ve never seen before or heard from again, and their eventual escape from them is by having the dune buggy land.

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That’s the perfect description. If i remember right i did read that ent, even with its rating on the decline, was still the highest rated show on upn at the time. I was honestly astonished at how good it was given the zero budget thrown at it.

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