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Clitoris has a foul odor


Foul odor around clitoris - womens health - medhelp  - page 2

I’ve got white/light white discharge from vagina and it makes me very itching and when it gets stretched it cracks it feels like my vagina got sores but when i go to nearest clinic they checked me says they can’t see anything please help i also got a burning urine. When he put it in it hurt and he had trouble putting it all the way in. They only just recently mapped the internal structure and so many women are being told that they are wrong about their body. It’s normal to have issues with your vagina because it is a very unique balance of good and bad bacteria and ph levels and all kinds of stuff so don’t worry! if you do have a problem and you ignore (espcially if it’s an std or yeast infection) you can prevent yourself from ever being able to get pregnent. I tried home treatments such as garlic mostly but its not working im even drinking alot more water cause i read water dilutes odors bt thats nt working either. Can trigger the infection and still nothing works.

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Clitoris has a foul odor. Only far too many of them. After 4 to 6 months i stopped using it and it has never been back since. At first i thought it was a. I’m currently living in brazil and waiting to find some test strips so that i can rule this out! in the past six months i’ve taken 4 rounds of metronidazol and i just want to get the problem under control. I’m 25 and have been diagnosed with bv since the age of 18.


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After reading all the comments on here i realized how many people suffer from the same problem as i do. I douche and clean with water but it doesn’t help. A few antibiotics and boom, its gone.

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