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Can sperm cause women to burn

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Seminal plasma sperm allergy -- natural health blog

There are a few effective options to help relieve your horrible burning sensation after sex. Until you can get to the bottom of things. You can personalise what you see on tsr. For intercourse, use a lubricant such as astroglide, light mineral oil, ky jelly, or natural oils such as flaxseed, vitamin e, olive, etc.


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Can sperm cause women to burn. With clean, dry fingers apply aloe vera, a natural soothing product, to your vagina. It’s a method known as immunotherapy. One way to decide if the reaction you are having is to semen or to something like chronic vaginitis is to use a condom during intercourse. Of course, don’t assume you’re totally safe from getting pregnant after you take a dip, either.


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Sugars and other nutrients are digested by sperms and vaginal bacteria. Testing may include some or all of the tests described below:

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