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Can masturbation cause prostate cancer

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Can frequent sex prevent prostate cancer? | berkeley wellness

New research published on the nhs website found the risk of prostate cancer was significantly lower in men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month through sex or masturbation. So is the seen system. Medical experts have claimed men who masturbate could be reducing their cancer risk. At follow-up than those ejaculating four to seven times per month. Studies have found that frequent ejaculation (either from sex or masturbation) could have a protective effect against developing. Stimulate the cancer cells,” dimitropoulou said.


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Can masturbation cause prostate cancer. Despite strong evidence in favor of frequent ejaculation, the theory remains controversial. A main theory has to do with the seminal fluid that is expelled during orgasm. But why should ejaculating more often cut the risk of prostate cancer? the team speculates that ejaculation prevents carcinogens building up in the gland. This research showed an association between ejaculating more frequently and a lower chance of getting prostate cancer in three different age groups. In this particular analysis, the researchers aimed to determine their ejaculation frequency at different ages and whether it was associated with likelihood of getting prostate cancer. The experts analysed 31,925 healthy men, who completed a questionnaire about their ejaculation frequency back in 1992.

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Watch to find out whether there is a happy ending. Your english is horrible. All treatment options carry the risk of significant side effects, includingerectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

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