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Now in an exclusive interview with the mail on sunday, blahyi says he is willing to go the international criminal court at the hague and be tried for war crimes. No,no, no, not just any “someone”. This was truly an awesome blend of humor, education (i will never say “butt naked” again!) and above all, excellent writing skills. Your followers are looking forward to your upcoming hub on the debate between stark naked and stork naked. And would be impossible to hoe. He would tell the elders the child’s village, the family name, and certain secrets of that child known only to the family.

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Butt naked clothing co. ‘as priest, i said the invocation. I wasn’t supposed to tell that, was i? The term properly applied employs butt, and to be far more succinct and every bit as logical, it is because i say it is. And post using a hubpages network account. Mr chairman, i ask that you put the matter before the rest of the inmates for voting purposes.


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Next is a piece from mainstream media. How can anyone trust him as a source on anything? just read what he has to say about his marriage and baby-making plans with poor, innocent, soon-to-be-cuckolded jennifer aniston. Aid workers estimated that as many as 20,000 child soldiers were recruited by rebel and government forces during the last war.

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