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Brett favre asshole

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Urban dictionary: sloppy brett

Moss has left the field of play before the game was over saying he did not think the team would come back. He would never publicly apologize. Which has also been updated and became effective may 23rd, 2018. I was originally scheduled to have dinner with bus my last night in hattiesburg, but favre mock-shuddered at that possibility.


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Total frat move |   a former, disgraced nfl backup to john elway and brett favre plays in my crappy flag football leagueBrett favre is a bitchBrett favre:  worlds biggest asshole? | second string sports

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Brett favre asshole. I think the only possible silver lining is that you guys win the sb with favre — but of course your long-awaited party will be ruined because there’s the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Retiring lakers great kobe bryant has enjoyed an outstanding career in l. 2) helmet-to-helmet hit on kerry collins. Sure there are the hippy women who don’t mind a mound of crotch cotton, but these are also the women who don’t mind bearded hipsters who don’t shower.

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When he was bad, he was unusable. In addition, favre owns a number of team records, having printed his name into almost every passing category in the annals of green bay packers history. Then you have all of the reports of him not being a team player, teammates not thinking too highly of him, the sexting scandal in new york, and just being an overall egomaniac.

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