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Bill cosby beating up a midget

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Poundthebudweiser: is it true that i beat up a midget? - funny blog with spelling and grammar that is often correct

They do so much funny stuff. Mauled by a munchkin? typical friday night for you. Speaking of general etiquette rules. The boston marathon was a flash back i think he started it when quagmire suggested skydiving and he sad something along the lines of “i haven’t been this excited since i won the boston marathon. My god, these are the best pancakes i’ve ever had. Then (for unrelated reasons) i typed “bill cosby” into google and it auto-completed with.


Bill cosby beats up a midgetBill cosby beats up a midget

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Bill cosby beating up a midget. You can be rude, insensitive, or mean by ignoring etiquette and individual preference, sure. It means that this damn thing doesn’t work at all. And now every time you’re sleeping with him, he’s gonna be thinking of me. Where ryan reynolds provides the voice of himself and spends the episode being friends with peter and tries to turn him gay? all these animated shows are starting to run together in my mind. Well, everyone who is currently alive survived 9/11.


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Well, he’s obviously drunk. My best friend is the same as your sister, some others i’ve met agree with op.

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