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Belly button and orgasm


5 unbelievable ways you can get an orgasm

It can feel awkward asking specific sex questions, particularly in non-sexy settings. Mar 7, 2013 the g-spot orgasm is commonly believed to be the holy grail of female orgasms. Ashton taylor image photos, download pictures for ashton taylor in sexpornimages. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. Josh hartnett plays a guy who pledges to abstain from having sex for that long.


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Belly button and orgasm. B) i haven’t ever explored belly button play in sexual situations but if i do put my finger in or around that area for other reasons i can feel the “twinge” in my vaginal area so it’s probably not super uncommon. All models were over the age of 18 at time of photography. If you’re ever concerned that a move won’t go down well, you can ask about it. As it turns out, you have an “orgasm button” on your body. I don’t even like pushing into my navel to hard with a q-tip. To connect with me.

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I know that it’s an orgasm because i’ve had them through clitoral and vaginal stimulation before. That makes her perfect.

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