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Bassett hound anal glands

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Do basset hounds need their anal glands expressed? - pets

In addition to reporting for a major newspaper chain, she has been published in “horse news,” “suburban classic,” “hoof beats,” “equine journal” and other publications. The potomac basset hound club diplomatically refers to anal gland odor as “unpleasant” and recommends having your vet show you the correct procedure for anal gland emptying. The front end: funner than the other. Besides the odor, symptoms of anal gland impaction include the classic “scooting” across the floor. Basset hounds tend to smell worse than other canines. Your basset hound is such a lovable goofball, you won’t mind frequent vet visits for anal gland expression or doing the deed yourself. Although gross, anal sac expression isn’t that difficult.


Help! anal gland problems - basset hounds: basset hound dog forums


Bassett hound anal glands. You can opt for surgical removal of the anal sacs. The vet will show you how and where to squeeze. Not all basset hounds need their anal glands expressed on a regular basis, but more than a few do, so be prepared. Bassets’ coats are oilier than most hounds’, and their long ears are ideal for breeding bacteria and subsequent ear infections. If his butt were a clock, these glands would be positioned at 4 and 8 o’clock.



She has a bachelor of arts in english from new york university and an associate of arts from the american academy of dramatics arts, new york city. Lined with sweat and oil glands, these sacs secrete a smelly brown liquid every time your basset poops.

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