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Asian peanut soup

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Thai peanut soup recipe - genius kitchen

I didn’t think this was great, although my guests liked it, and my friend who travels to africa frequently loved it — she said it tasted just like some of the sauces from west africa. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. This sweet potato and peanut soup is one of the best of healthy seasonal recipes ever. Break up noodles and stir into broth; return to boil. The recipe states 20 servings.


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Thai peanut soup

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Asian peanut soup. I was listening to the. I think george washington was on to something. You have no excuses. Follow her on twitter @leangrnbeanblog and instagram @theleangreenbean and be sure to subscribe via rss or email so you never miss a post! Enjoy your writing, and great photography.

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This means that you actually kill fat by eating coconut fat (in addition to coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil). Savory thai spices and creamy peanut butter, plus shiitake mushrooms and ramen noodles, flavor this hearty vegetarian thai peanut soup. For our tastes i’m glad i did.

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