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Asian gangs in san diego


San diego gangs

Because i wonder how many of you are carrying a filiberto on your back. I tell it for those who have buried a homeboy. How many of you never dared tell anyone. To post a comment. There are certainly some areas that you might steer clear of, but i don’t really hear anything in the news or in our worthless newspaper.

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Tiny oriental crips (san diego)How bad is the gang problem in san diego? - quora

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Asian gangs in san diego. These asians are even more pathetic than the tagging crews in socal. But nowadays as a lifelong san diegan the city is pretty mellow just be aware that some small parts are good to just be aware of your surroundings and you are fine. If you aren’t in the pocket you most likely will not see any gangs. The pool hall was a popular hangout for asian gangs, located on. I’ve been here over 40 years, i guess i would say it’s pretty much under control.


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Acb 1o3 all day roachkillafamily. You guys are funny with your comments to let you know gangbang is old news you guys really need to stop your internet gang banging. Listed the $45,000 bust as occurring in a house near 30th and national.

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