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Love? who would have thought? i got a sample and i get what must be tuberose? i have no idea what this flower smells like but i love it apparently. Value from student t-test. I happen to be voluptuous, dark-haired and of middle eastern descent myself, and i don’t want people to form ideas in their minds that i look up to her in any way or that we have anything else in common *shudder*, oh no. Overall, if you’re looking for something unique and bold for a great price, i would definitely recommend this fragrance.


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As exception lady mature no power tj. I thought the name meant neroli absolute, but it means pure black in italian according to google translate. Feminine, sexy, sweet, easily likeable, just the right amount of intensity/body/presence, sillage and longevity. But still has that darkness that makes me feel like there’s a midnight mystery within me. The dry down is like a soft floral vanilla.


This is a very nice fragrance. This is very summery to me! i love this perfume.

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