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Anal prolapse shitting

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You can get a prolapsed anus from sitting on the toilet too long

On a thread titled “. Really love the just right runny shit dripping down into her cunt. Dr su dan, of the sixth affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university said the man was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse, in which the end of the intestines lose their attachment within the body and fall out. What is changing, however, is the encroachment of hardcore sex acts from the fringe into the mainstream. Diverticula are small bulges or pockets that can develop in the lining of the intestine as you get older. The most common treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery to put the rectum back in place, and there are several types.


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Anal prolapse shitting. Looks like there truly is hope for nof’s asshole afterall. Prolapse means that a body part has slipped or fallen down from its normal position. Symptoms include pain in the abdomen, a change in your normal toilet habits, a lump in your back passage, needing to strain to do a number two and blood in your poo. Unprotected anal sex can spread stis from person to person.


They care about better train wrecks. As piles sound like something everyone wants to avoid, no matter how enthralling your whatsapp group chat, dr atkins said they’re pretty preventable. Colitis is a long-term condition that causes the rectum and colon to become inflamed.

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