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Amateur photography pricing


6 tips for setting your photography prices

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and the excellent article. Their is a great supply of photographer and many styles to chose from in the photography market place. Just be aware that you lose control the minute you give them a digital copy. This is because the value of the image to the client is the same.


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How to figure out your photography pricing

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Amateur photography pricing. A session lasts from 1/2 an hour to one hour. When pricing your events hourly, you must consider your post-production time after the event. The volume is much lower and you will depend on good seo (search engine optimization) or advertising for best results. Maybe i should write a post about that! I have realized recently that i just don’t think i can give away freebies to friends anymore, which makes me sad but there you go.

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Per image is not the only way

Once again elizabeth, you are informative and a great contributor!!! i aim to be as professional and sought after as you one day. Rates of student photographers can vary based on a number of factors – the school that they are studying in, the stage of their education, whether they have worked with and assisted other professional photographers and last but not the least, their photography portfolio. Having a contract in place allows photographers to factor in all costs and expenses prior to preparing and sending out photography price quotes and before performing the work.

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