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I hope you know that i only did that because i care about you and you also needed to learn that just because something doesn’t go your way you can ruin someone elses event. I’m going to give you a. I then crawled into the living room as daddy swatted my padded bottom several times playfully. Prompt: can you write a story where an eight year old sam won’t listen to a 16 year old dean when johns away so dean spanks him. Soon mel was crying and wiggling as the slaps stung the seat of her wet bathing. Daddy sat back on a comfy chair and pulled me onto his lap.


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Ageplay spank spanking spanks spanked. A soft blindfold then took my sight from me followed by the feel of a stretch hood covering my head. Besides, i’ve had a nasty headache all. You haven’t done a thing wrong, mel. I could feel the powder and padding shift inside the casing as i crawled. No more yells, no begging, no wiggling or struggling of any kind, just the heartfelt. Every time i pull one into place on you it will be like a jail door closing. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

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Alice spanked to tears

All the juice daddy made me drink meant that i had to wet almost as soon as i had been leisurely changed into a fresh diaper. Prompt: adam was raised with sam and dean. Handspanking, enough to make her cry all over again.

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